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Stockholm Noir to replace Danish Chic?

Forshaw talks to Jens Lapidus ‘one of the most striking and idiosyncratic crime writers of the new Nordic wave’, who has ‘another identity — he is a highly successful criminal lawyer, and his clientele consists of precisely those individuals who populate the teeming pages of his novels. Is this one of the reasons why the books have such an air of verisimilitude?”


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‘Sarah Lund’ in London promoting The Killing II (SOLD OUT)

The Killing's Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl). (Photo: BBC Four)

Actress Sofie Gråbøl will be in London for a The Killing II preview and a Question & Answer session at BAFTA in late October. The event is presented by BAFTA in partnership with BBC Four and the Embassy of Denmark in London.

The BAFTA TV Preview and Q&A Interview with actress Sofie Gråbøl and senior producer Piv Bernth takes place at BAFTA’s Princess Anne Theatre on October 31st at 18:30.

Unfortunately tickets are already sold out for this event, before the Book Club even heard that a date had been found for the event. Hopefully, some book-club members got tickets and can blog and tweet from the event.

Visit the Danish Embassy website for further information about the event and the forthcoming second season of The Killing.

BBC is yet to announce when the first episode of The Killing II will be aired.

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Anne Holt joins Nordic Noir Book Club on 12. October 2011

Please visit our “Taken by Storm” page to learn more about this event and to reserve your (free) ticket. Tickets are already going fast, so be quick.

We shall be talking with Anne Holt about her two recently translated crime novels: 1222 and Fear Not. Please comment to this post about your experiences with reading Anne Holt, what questions we should ask her etc. Remember that the talk and discussion will be available for audio download through UCL iTunes – so, even though you may not be able to make it to the event itself, we could forward your questions to Holt, and you will be able to hear the answers in the Book Club podcast.

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Nesser and Alvtegen at the British Museum

If you did not witness this recent event live, you are now able to listen to audio clips from my conversation with Håkan Nesser and Karin Alvtegen at the World Literature Weekend organised by the London Review of Books:

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Nordic Noir Book Club – Norwegian crime?

Today we have received the good news that Norwegian crime writer Anne Holt will be our next guest in the Nordic Noir Book Club. Early warning is for October 12, so reserve the day for a chilling storm from the mountains of Norway. More will follow as the organisation falls into place. Let us know what you think about Holt’s novels.


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Nordic crime readers’ choice: what’s your favourite? (14 June)

The Nordic Noir Book Club is delighted to announce the next event in the series, which will take place on 14 June, 6pm – 8pm, at the Horse Hospital (Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD). Please register here: http://tinyurl.com/6g7wdn5, the cost is £5.

This event hopes to offer inspiration for your favourite Nordic crime novels to read over the summer.  Nordic Noir members, bloggers and new readers are all welcome to join us for some wine and snacks during an evening of sharing, discussion, crime quizzes, and much more. Please bring along your favourite Nordic crime novel, and think about how you want to persuade others to read it! We look forward to seeing you on 14 June! Send inquiries to nordic-noir@ucl.ac.uk.

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