5 responses to “Danish writers in May Event & Question Competition

  1. Simon Clarke

    Do you think that the traditional Scandinavian reputation
    for decency and fairness is under threat?and if so is this
    reflected in your fiction?

  2. Bob Carey


    Another question to add – I have tried to make it as pithy as I can!

    Aimed at both authors – ‘A lot of the Scandinavian crime fiction I read is clearly influenced heavily by the physical environment and climate of the country / region. Is this the case in your writing and if so, how?’

    Hope very much to be at the embassy event – when are invitations going out Jakob?

    Best wishes.


  3. jakobstougaard

    Let me try first with a question, in the hope we get many more over the next week:
    [to both authors] Which of your novels do you think will sell the most copies in English translation?
    [I sincerely do not hope this question will win:-)

  4. jakobstougaard

    Thanks for the correction, Simon. It makes even more sense then to have friends who will be at the event buy the Gazan novels directly from the publisher, so to be the first one on the block to read about Dinosaur feathers.

  5. Simon Clarke

    First class event –well done to all involved in the organisation.
    Whilst Jussi Adler Olsen’s book is published ,as you say on
    12/5/11,Sissel-Jo Gazan’s novel is not due to be out until
    I notice from the Quercus website that the event is already fully
    Looking forward to the evening .

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