Nordic Noir Book Club – Norwegian crime?

Today we have received the good news that Norwegian crime writer Anne Holt will be our next guest in the Nordic Noir Book Club. Early warning is for October 12, so reserve the day for a chilling storm from the mountains of Norway. More will follow as the organisation falls into place. Let us know what you think about Holt’s novels.



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3 responses to “Nordic Noir Book Club – Norwegian crime?

  1. kate

    Hi, great event, now, where can I find this book in English? I hate to be so xenophobic, or Chauvinistic, but I don’t speak or read any of the Scandinavian languages.

    • jakobstougaard

      Anne Holt’s books should be widely available in English translation from most bookstores – certainly Waterstones and Amazon.

    • Hi,

      Noir Nation would very much like to have some Norwegian writers in our second issue. I’ve had a little trouble reaching writers personally. Is there anyway Nordic Noir could help? We very much want Norway to be represented in the world-wide collections Noir Nation is making, and we pay writers. I would be glad to repay the favor any way I can. We have put a link to Nodic Noir on our website

      Alan W. Thomas

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