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Nordic Noir expert Barry Forshaw discusses our fascination with Scandinavian fiction

Thanks to our friends at Nordic Noir & Beyond, here is a short video captured at last year’s Nordicana of Barry discussing the influences of particularly Nordic TV crime and drama.


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Barry Forshaw to interview Indridason

Barry Forshaw is looking forward to interviewing Arnaldur Indridason at Harrogate Theakstons – & they’ve got a competition to win his Nordic Noir & Euro Noir books! Visit http://harrogateinternationalfestivals.com/crime/news/competition-time/

Please do also keep an eye out for Barry’s new book on Sex and Film which has a big Scandinavian section, of course.


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Forshaw’s new Euro Noir published.

ImageBarry Forshaw’s Euro Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to European Crime Fiction, Film & TV is out! http://goo.gl/aH4jVe.

From the publisher:

Barry Forshaw covers influential Italian authors, such as Andrea Camilleri and Leonardo Sciascia and Mafia crime dramas Romanzo Criminale and Gomorrah, along with the gruesome Gialli crime films. He also considers important French and Belgian writers such as Maigret’s creator Georges Simenon to today’s Fred Vargas, cult television programmes Braquo and Spiral, and films, from the classic heist movie Rififi to modern successes such as Hidden, Mesrine and Tell No One. German and Austrian greats are covered including Jakob Arjouni and Jan Costin Wagner, and crime films such as Run Lola Run and The Lives of Others. Euro Noir also covers the best crime writing and filmmaking from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Holland and other European countries and celebrates the wide scope of European crime fiction, films and TV.

There is even a new section on Nordic Noir!

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Forshaw explores the sounds of Nordic Noir TV drama

Danish composer Halfdan E has scored all three seasons of ‘Borgen’. His music won the Fipa d´Or Grand Prize in 2012 for best score.

Barry Forshaw has published a fascinating article on the CrimeTime blog, and wanted to tell us in the Nordic Noir Book Club about it.

Barry Forshaw: “I met the talented composer Halfdan E at a meal at the Danish ambassador’s for the stars and creative team of such shows as Borgen and The Killing – and I discovered we had a connection. I’d written the introduction for the Norvik Press edition of Dan Turrell’s Murder in the Dark, and Halfdan had collaborated with the late writer on the CD ‘An Introduction.’ I asked the composer about his work on Borgen.”

Read the interview on CrimeTime.

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Crime, Myth, Cooking – The Scandis are coming to London

Yet another opportunity to join discussions about what Scanidnavia is and means, and why Nordic Noir has received so much attention in Britain over the recent years. Nordic Noir’s very own ‘honorary crime expert’ Barry Forshaw will be there – and the organisers at Voice have put together a fun programme that goes well beyond the noir to include Nordic Mythology and cooking.

We have Snorri Kristjansson, the Icelandic author of Norse Mythology Epic Swords of Good Men, Signe Johansen the Norwegian author of cookbook and lifestyle guide Scandilicious, and Barry Forshaw, Scandinavian Crime Fiction commentator and writer coming to VOICE on the 20th August to discuss Scandinavian culture and writing, and to ask what it is about Scandinavia that captures our imaginations. Is it the forbidding landscape and bleak weather, or the warriors colder than the Baltic sea? Perhaps it’s the inhumanly calculating criminals or the hard bitten, self sufficient detectives? Maybe what we really love is the simplicity of Scandinavian food and lifestyle and the independence of its outlook, the juxtaposition of violence and crime with one of the safest, most civilized groups of countries in the world? Maybe we just like reading about countries colder than our own? We want to try and find out – but just in case the discussion gets too earnest and worthy, writers Stu Heritage and Robyn Wilder of Luv and Hat have agreed to return to offer their own view on the theme. As well as the usual well stocked bar, there’ll be bar food for those of you who are peckish. We’ll send round a bar menu soon. Also Tom, inspired by the Scandinavian theme, will be creating his own Scandinavian cocktail for the evening so make sure you don’t miss that. Don your wooly jumper and snow boots and come and join us in the august surroundings of the Broadway House Members club in Fulham Broadway. Listen, learn, meet, drink and decide for yourself.”

Check out the Facebook page for the event and tickets. Hope to see our Nordic Noir friends at this event.

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Forshaw’s Death in a Cold Climate Gets Excellent Reviews

Barry Forshaw's Death in a Cold Climate

Death in a Cold Climate: A Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction 

by Barry Forshaw

Palgrave Macmillan, 224pp, £16.99

If you have not pre-ordered Barry Forshaw’s Guide to Scandinavian Crime yet this is certainly a title lovers of Nordic Noir will be looking forward to this month, if we are to judge from Barry’s appearance last year in the Nordic Noir Book Club and from the praise that has already appeared in the press. Here’s a selection of reviews:

Iain Finlayson writes in The Times. As the editor of Crime Time, the influential website, Barry Forshaw’s forensic feeling for snow is coloured by the quantity and quality of blood spilled on it in recent years by Nordic crime writers. The dash of publishers to find “the next Stieg Larsson” and their hyping of Jo Nesbø as “the next Henning Mankell” indicates the strength of cold climate killing as a subgenre of crime fiction. Forshaw, an able critic of literary style, interviews the principal players, recommends new contenders, discusses the subtleties of translation, analyses the social and political themes and assesses the success or otherwise (he is too kind to Kenneth Branagh as Wallander) of film and television adaptations. This overview of a literary phenomenon is as definitive as any aficionado could hope for.

Mons Kallentoft writes in the Financial Times (“Crime Pays”). “I met Barry Forshaw briefly at a dinner for crime fiction aficionados in London some time ago. He was the obvious authority in the room; I could see people straining to hear, weighing his words carefully. That evening, Forshaw came across as humble, intelligent and perceptive. His new book Death in a Cold Climate is both intelligent and perceptive. Humble it is not. It is, to my knowledge, the most complete guide to Scandinavian crime fiction yet written in any language, an invaluable companion for anyone interested in the genre.”

Would be great to hear some impressions from this blog’s readers. Please share your views of Barry’s take on Scandinavian crime fiction.


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Report from “Criminal Minds” at Manchester Literature Festival

Crime In A Cold Climate: KO Dahl, Thomas Enger & Yrsa Sigardurdottir, Monday 17th October, 7.30pm, International Anthony Burgess Foundation. 

Torrential rain bounces off the paving slabs outside, and cloaked figures huddle in dark street corners. A group of strangers huddles together in the chapel-like confines of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. The perfect setting for a talk by three Scandinavian crime writers. read more @ Manchester Literature Blog


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