Launch of Nordisk Books and the publication of modern Danish classic Havoc in London

This Friday, 9. September, sees the launch of a new publishing house in London, Nordisk Books, and their first publication, Havoc by the great modernist Danish author Tom Kristensen. This is an exciting new venture that will bring past and contemporary quality Scandinavian literature to an English-speaking readership, and Havoc originally published in 1930 is an extraordinary novel with which to launch Nordisk Books.

Havoc by Nordisk Books

Karl Over Knausgård has said of  Havoc that it is “one of the best novels to ever come out of Scandinavia. As discomforting as beautiful, it portrays the fall of a man, and it’s so hypnotically written that you want to fall with him.”

If you wondered whether there was an original depressed, alcoholic, self-destructive fictional hero in Scandinavian literature before “the ulcer school” of Nordic Noir detectives, Tom Kristensen’s Ole Jastrau is the ultimate archetype.

If you are in London on Friday the 9th of September, why not join us for the launch party to celebrate Nordisk Books and to learn more about one of the greatest novels in modern Danish literature by the Danish James Joyce. Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg and myself will join the publisher Duncan Lewis in a talk about Havoc, Tom Kristensen and Danish literature in translation.

Date: Friday 9th September, 2016
Time: 19.00 – 22.00
Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (tube Holborn, bus no. 38)
After party: the Dolphin Tavern (just next door)
Debit/credit card payments will be accepted for purchase of books

Please RSVP to

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One response to “Launch of Nordisk Books and the publication of modern Danish classic Havoc in London

  1. Intriguing – and good to see this publishing initiative.

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