The Mystery of Nordic Noir and the Welfare State

A new series of essays investigating the relationship between Nordic Noir and the welfare sate, curated by Bruce Robbins, is being published on Post45. So far, two essays have been published. Bruce Robbins considers in his excellent piece, ‘The Detective is Suspended‘, the first season of the TV-series Forbrydelsen. If you have wondered why so many female Nordic detectives are presented as difficult and ‘unsozialised’, Bruce Robbins has the intriguing answer.

In my own piece, ‘The Policeman in the Ill-fitting Uniform‘, I discuss Anne Holt’s crime novel Skyggedød and how its uses the attack on Utøya, a Norwegian tragedy, to consider the care for children and the fate of social trust in a neo-liberal welfare state. The novel by Holt has yet to appear in English translation, so beware there might be some plot spoilers in this piece.

Look out for further essays in this series.


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