Forshaw explores the sounds of Nordic Noir TV drama

Danish composer Halfdan E has scored all three seasons of ‘Borgen’. His music won the Fipa d´Or Grand Prize in 2012 for best score.

Barry Forshaw has published a fascinating article on the CrimeTime blog, and wanted to tell us in the Nordic Noir Book Club about it.

Barry Forshaw: “I met the talented composer Halfdan E at a meal at the Danish ambassador’s for the stars and creative team of such shows as Borgen and The Killing – and I discovered we had a connection. I’d written the introduction for the Norvik Press edition of Dan Turrell’s Murder in the Dark, and Halfdan had collaborated with the late writer on the CD ‘An Introduction.’ I asked the composer about his work on Borgen.”

Read the interview on CrimeTime.


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One response to “Forshaw explores the sounds of Nordic Noir TV drama

  1. Fascinating about Bach. And always interesting to hear about the missteps in the creative process. Thanks for it. On a Borgen tangent, here’s a post I wrote about swearing in Borgen’s subtitles as well as on Irish tv

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