Happy new year from Copenhagen


I’m lucky enough to be spending the year on research sabbatical at the Danish Film Institute, but while everyone else is busy with the first day of term at UCL I’ve grabbed the microphone to circulate a few bits and bobs.

Most importantly, just in case you haven’t seen it yet, the provisional programme for Nordicana (1-2 February) is out, and features lots of big names, exciting conversations (not least with our great Book Club friend Barry Forshaw), screenings, and Nordic food and drink: http://nordicnoir.tv/nordicana/

Over here, the post-new-year conversation around the water cooler (well, actually, round the coffee machine – this is Denmark after all) has been all about a new drama serial called Arven efter Veronika. The series has already been bought by UK television, as per this report in The Guardian, and it looks as though the title in English will be The Legacy. As you would expect, the characters are complex and the basic premise is simple but ingenious….so that’s something to look forward to after The Bridge.

We’ve been having an unusually mild winter while our North American friends shiver, but I’ve been enjoying a new documentary series on Norwegian channel NRK called Brøyt i vei. It’s all about the snow plough service which keeps Finnmark on the move in winter. Fascinating characters, gorgeous landscapes, and often gently funny. I think we should start a campaign to persuade BBC4 to buy this series! If you understand Norwegian, you may be able to follow it here.

Finally, if anyone is in or around Edinburgh (and a bit of a documentary geek like me), I’ll be screening and introducing some short Danish documentaries and art films from the 1940s-60s at the Danish Cultural Institute on Doune Terrace, Thursday 6 February, in the evening. More details will be available soon at this link.

Godt nytår / happy new year!



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