Conference: Crime Fiction 2013

Nordic Noir Book Club is considering sending a team of investigators to Leeds in September, will you be there?

Second call for papers:

The University of Leeds’ Faculty of Arts and the Crime Studies Network are pleased to invite you to the ‘Retold, Resold, Transformed: Crime Fiction in the Modern Era’ cross-disciplinary conference to take place at Leeds on the 17th and 18th of September 2013. See the conference website for the conference abstract, speakers and call for papers.

In recent decades crime fiction has enjoyed a creative boom. Although, as Alison Young argues in her book Imagining Crime (1996), crime stories remain strongly identified with specific locations, the genre has acquired a global reach, illuminating different corners of the world – from the downtown precincts of Baltimore to the South African peninsula to bleak Danish skies – for the delectation of international audiences. The recent fashion for nordic noir has highlighted the process by which the crime story may be franchised, as it is transposed from one culture to another. Crime fiction has thus become a vehicle for cultural exchange in the broadest of senses; not only does it move with apparent ease from one country to the next, and in and out of different languages, but it is also reproduced through various cultural media. But what is involved in these processes of transference? Do stories lose or gain value? Or are they transformed into something else altogether? How does the crime story that originates in a specific society or culture come to articulate aspects of very different societies and cultures? And what are the repercussions of this cultural permeability?


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