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January 2013 Newsletter

It has been a while since we had a proper Book Club meeting and a chance to share our common interest in Nordic crime fiction. However, one certainly doesn’t have the feeling of being alone with one’s passion these days.

On Twitter and on Facebook we take part in the constant flow of comments and discussions about the latest in Nordic crime – recently we have followed The Killing III and are thrilled by the second season of Borgen. Are you watching? Do you know everything about Danish coalition governments and the struggle to balance family life and the job as a Prime Minister by now?

The Nordic Noir Team worked together with The Guardian to provide extra material for the weekly ritual of watching The Killing. Our Danish teacher Jesper Hansen gave ‘A crash course in Danish for fans of The Killing’ and we tried our best to give informed answers to questions raised by The Guardian’s readers: Do Danes love jumpers? Does it rain a lot in Denmark? Was Denmark hit hard by the credit crunch? We are currently working with The Guardian on material to accompany the second season of Borgen.

Last time we met for a Book Club event was in May last year. We gathered for a night of Norwegian Noir with the legendary Gunnar Staalesen, the rising star Thomas Enger and crime expert Hans Skei. To follow up on the success of this event we are planning to have a second Nordic Noir Reading Group to share our experiences of reading Staalesen and Enger. It will obviously be an occasion to meet fellow crime readers to talk about the latest and very best of Nordic Noir on the page and on the screen. We hope to see you then.


7. March, 1.15-1.55pm

‘Scandinavian crime fiction and the end of the welfare state’

Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen will give a free public Lunch Hour Lecture at UCL (Gower Street, London). Join us at UCL or follow the lecture steam online. Visit UCL Lunch Hour Lectures for more information.

20. March, 6-7.30pm

Nordic Noir Reading Group: Staalesen and Enger

Join us at UCL for Nordic Noir and wine. Share your experiences of reading Gunnar Staalesen (Cold Hearts, Arcadia Books, 2012) and Thomas Enger (Pierced, Faber, 2012). As usual there will be time to share thoughts on the best current Nordic Noir. More information will be posted on our website, blog , Twitter and Facebook sites.

17. May (All day)

Søren Kierkegaard – Copenhagen Noir

Join us at UCL where we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard by a look behind the scenes of his Golden-Age Copenhagen to reveal its darker, existential sides – how has Copenhagen Noir returned with TV series such as The Killing and Borgen? More information to follow.


Norvik Press has published Benny Andersen’s The Contract Killer with an introduction by Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen and Elettra Carbone and a brilliant essay by the translator (Nordic Noir and UCL Alumni) Paul Russell Garrett. Norvik is also about to publish a classic Copenhagen Noir novel by Dan Turèll, Murder in the Dark, in a translation by Mark Mussari.

Other recent publications in Nordic Noir include Åsa Larsson’s The Black Path (Transl. by Marlaine Delargy, MacLehose Press/Quercus, 2012); Jo Nesbø’s, Phantom (Transl. by Don Bartlett, Vintage, paperback Jan. 2013); Håkan Nesser, Hour of the Wolf (Transl. by Laurie Thompson, Pan, 2012); Helen Tursten’s Detective Inspector Huss (Transl. by Stephen Murray, Soho Press, 2012); Jan Wallentin’s Strindberg’s Star (Transl. by Rachel Willon-Broyles, Corvus, 2012); and Jussi Adler-Olsen’s Disgrace (Transl. by K.E. Semmel, Penguin, 2012).

Visit the British Library exhibition, “Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction” from 18 January to 12 May. There are also some really excellent exhibition events to attend.




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3 responses to “Nordic Noir news and events

  1. Having difficulty getting hold of Cold Hearts. Anyone know where I can get a copy?

    • jakobstougaard

      Sorry, Sue. I only just now realize that this title seems to be unavailable even though it should have appeared in 2012. I have just now written to the publisher to find out more and will let you know. Does anyone else have the title, or had difficulties finding it?

  2. Sounds great. Will definitely try and make some of the events.

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