Nordic Noir Reading Group (29. February 2012, London)

We are delighted to announce details of our first Nordic Noir Reading Group meeting, which will take place on Wednesday 29 February (from 6.00 pm) in the glamorous UCL Old Refectory where we will discuss the recently published Danish crime novel ‘The Boy in the Suitcase’ by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis.

The discussion will be led by Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (UCL Lecturer in Scandinavian Literature) – and a glass of wine.

Among the themes we could cover are Eastern Europe in Scandinavian crime fiction, human trafficking in crime fiction, what makes this book ‘Nordic Noir’ or even a Danish or Scandinavian crime novel (apart from it being originally written in Danish, of course), self-translation (the novel was translated by Kaaberbøl herself), is there something particularly and self-consciously  Danish or Nordic about the main character in the novel – and finally, to what extend does Scandinavian crime fiction need to include social and family issues? This and much more for anyone who wish to join.

The novel should be available from most book stores in London, from Amazon etc. Elsewhere on this blog there is a link to an article about last month’s meeting with the authors at Foyles, and earlier, the Nordic Noir Book Club gave away three copies of the book in a Nordic Noir competition.

Please reserve your ticket for this event.

More information here:


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