Borgen Briefing

Saturday 18 February 2012, 2-4pm. Mercer Room, Covent Garden Community Centre, London WC2H 9LA

Featuring Annette K. Olesen, Director of Borgen episodes 9 and 10.

When the Danish drama Borgen hit British television screens last month, we asked our Twitter followers what kind of cultural background information would help them make sense of this political drama. They told us they wanted to know about Danish language, the Danish television industry, Danish coalition politics, and Danish pastries. So our Borgen Briefing will include short, fun presentations by UCL experts on Danish language, culture and politics, and a Q&A with our very special guest from Denmark Annette K. Olesen, who directed episodes 9 and 10. We couldn’t find an expert on the cultural history of Danish pastries, so we decided we’d just serve up lots of coffee and wienerbrød on the day. Space is limited: book your ticket here!

Directions to the venue (updated 17 February 2012)

This is a note to help guide you to the venue. The street address is 42 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LA (the postcode 6LA has been circulating – we think this might be their admin office). Official guidance from Seven Dials and a map can be found here:

It’s a very nice venue but a little bit tucked away, and it doesn’t always seem to come up very accurately on google maps. Here are instructions from the two most likely approach directions:

If you’re standing at the Seven Dials roundabout / monument with the Cambridge Theatre on your right and the Crown pub opposite you, turn right along Earlham Street. About half way down the street, on your left hand side, you should see the red signs for the Donmar Theatre. Seven Dials Club / Covent Garden Community Centre (our venue) is number 42, on the right hand side of the street, before you reach the Donmar. It has a black brick frontage and glass entrance doors.

If you get off at Covent Garden tube, walk towards Marks and Spencer on the other side of Long Acre. Just to your right is Neal Street. Walk up Neal Street, past Shelton Street on the left, and take the next left turn into Earlham Street (Urban Outfitters is on the corner). Walk towards the red signs of the Donmar Theatre. Seven Dials Club is just after and opposite the Donmar, at number 42 Earlham Street, on your left, with a black brick frontage and glass entrance doors.

We’ll have scouts with signs out on Earlham street looking for lost-looking Borgen fans…



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3 responses to “Borgen Briefing

  1. Another excellent event. Thanks to Jepser, I now speak impeccable Danish, and thanks to Jakob, I understand the fine distinctions between the (seemingly) hundreds of Danish political parties (where Right is Left and Left is Right).
    And Annette K Olesen was a fascinating guest, illuminating how she directed some of the best episodes of Borgen. The perfect way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon in Soho.

  2. Borgen fever in the UK has a different dimension to the British obsession with The Killing; apart from the poitics, we’re fascinated by the dynamics of the Prime MInister’s marriage. Can a marriage really work so well as it does in the first few episodes? No – we learn – it can’t…

  3. jakobstougaard

    There are only a few tickets left for the Borgen Briefing – so, last chance to join. Do also check our other events this Spring: Cabin Fever (only a few tickets left) and the first Nordic Noir Reading Group (reading The Boy in the Suitcase)

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