Article submission on Nordic Noir needed for

Here’s an invitation from Sue Neal of Europolar for articles and reviews on Scandinavian Crime for the Europolar site – thanks Sue:

Nordic Noir has developed exponentially recently with so many authors now available in English translation. I have written a little about Indridason, and read many others, but with my PhD studies and a family life there really is not enough time to do this area justice. So if there are people who would like to write general or specific articles (1500 words max usually) or reviews that will draw the attention of other European readers, that would be great, thanks.

Please visit and write to Sue of you want to learn more at redac_uk(at)



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2 responses to “Article submission on Nordic Noir needed for

  1. Oh, sorry, I thought you were Peter’s Nordic bookblog, having come here via RSS hence no visual cue – your blog urls are very similar – yours is scancrime and I think his is scandinavian crime or something very close. Please ignore the above comment.

  2. Hi Peter, just to say thanks for fixing the commenting! I hope it doesn’t mean you now get lots of spam.

    It is very hard to find the time to write articles, I find – book reviews are much quicker to write than proper articles 😉

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