Simon Clarke’s list of recently published Nordic Noir in translation

Courtesy of Simon Clarke, here’s a list of recently and for the first time published Scandinavian crime novels in English translation. Simon has of course spent his Summer well and read all of them – stay tuned for his further recommendations below.

This is what Simon sent us:

Since we last met at the Nordic Noir Book Club, there have been 5 NEW Nordic Noir authors published in English for the first time.

1.  Thomas Enger (Norwegian), Burned  (Faber and Faber)

2.  Arne Dahl (Swedish), Misterioso (USA Edition–Pantheon Books) but available from Amazon–UK–and on Kindle.

3. Sara Blaedel (Danish), Call Me Princess (USA Edition -Pegasus Books) but available from Amazon UK.

4. Jorn Lier Horst (Norwegian), Dregs (Sandstone Press). The publishers are based in the Highlands of Scotland.

5. Stefan Tegenfalk (Swedish), Anger Mode (Nordic Noir Books). The publishers are the new UK -imprint of Swedish Publishers Massolit.

I enjoyed all the above books – one or two were absolutely first-rate. The following NEW, first time, Nordic-Noir authors will shortly be published in English:

1. 29/9/11. Kristina Ohlsson (Swedish), Unwanted (Simon and Schuster)

2. 27/10/11. Mons Kallentoft ( Swedish), Midwinter Sacrifice (Hodder and Stoughton)

3.Nov 11. Jens Lapidus (Swedish), Easy Money (USA Edition–Pantheon Books), but available from Amazon UK.

4. 24/11/11. Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis (Danish), Boy in the Suitcase (USA Edition-Soho Press), but available from Amazon UK and on Kindle.

5. 5/1/12. Hans Koppel (Swedish), She’s Never Coming Back (Sphere).

Thanks, Simon. We shall be looking forward to your (and other readers’) recommendations below.



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2 responses to “Simon Clarke’s list of recently published Nordic Noir in translation

  1. Simon Clarke

    I think you probably refer to Neil Smith’s translation.
    As regards Dregs –It is the sixth in the series featuring William
    Wisting . The author Jorn Lier Horst is not only a fine writer,
    buit also a policeman. Very well worth reading. Excellent
    police procedural with social and ethical asides.

    Arne Dahl–Misterioso –I cannot understand –why it has taken
    so long to publish Dahl in English–as I found this to be one
    of the best crime novels –I have read for some time.

  2. I’ve read the Kallentoft (courtesy Amazon Vine) and though I liked it, and it is superbly translated by Neil White, I thought it could be improved a bit in a few ways (review in process at Euro Crime). I’ve just started Dregs (purchased) and am liking it a lot though it is SO ANNOYING that it is 5th in a series but 1st to be translated, especially as it seems all the back story is quite significant to where the main character and his daughter are now (I’m only 50 pages in, though). I shall be reading all these in due course.

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