Francis Hopkinson, producer of the UK Wallander, added to 3/2 book club meeting

The coming Nordic Noir book club event (Shadows in the Snow) on 3 February has added Francis Hopkinson to the bill also featuring Håkan Nesser.
Francis Hopkinson of Left Bank Pictures will be joining us to discuss the UK adaptation of Henning Mankell’s Wallander, starring Kenneth Brannagh. As executive producer of the series, Hopkinson was a key figure in the decision-making processes behind the programmes. He will share his unique overview of the programmes with us, taking us all the way from the inspiration for the series to the finishing touches, and will join our discussion of imagery of Sweden in crime fiction.
Left Bank Pictures is an independent television and film production company founded in July 2007 by Andy Harries, Marigo Kehoe and Francis Hopkinson. Hopkinson’s production credits include a range of high-profile drama series.

There are still tickets available – buy your tickets online now, or sign up for the event by emailing



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7 responses to “Francis Hopkinson, producer of the UK Wallander, added to 3/2 book club meeting

  1. Alex Garcia

    Just a little question from California;

    …to the Henning Mankell’s Wallander series Scenario, and filming studio personnel…

    Please… fix the door to the Prosecutors Office….

    It hasn’t been closing right, for several of the scenes, and it is a “trow off”, almost comical, seeing your actors, trying to close that door, with a straight face…

    Please hire a good carpenter to fix that door…
    or send me a ticket and I’ll do it for you…

    Alejandro Garcia

  2. jakobstougaard

    I was wondering if there were any of the Nordic Noir blubbers out there who have observations or questions we could take to Francis Hopkinson at the book club meeting next week? I was struck, when I saw the first in the BBC Wallander series, by the bright yellow wheat fields, the blue sky and though it was recognizably a south Swedish landscape it was different from the landscape we see in the Swedish series (both of them). But I wonder where the difference is, whether it really makes a difference, is the landscape important to Scandinavian crime fiction? All ideas, own thoughts and examples, as well as questions will be most helpful in preparation for our meeting next week.

    • Brigitte Bertout

      Thank you very much to all the people who organized the event last night. It was really nice, friendly and most interesting. There was so much to learn. And both speakers were excellent. Cannot wait for the next event!

  3. jakobstougaard

    Sorry, my mistake. It’s the 3rd of February – I think I have corrected all the mistakes now. Sorry if you thought you could make it and now can’t – I hate to dissapoint. I hope we can share texts, images and sounds from the event with those of you who cannot come here on the blog. And we are still planning three more events and hope to see the likes of Arnaldur Indridason, Jo Nesboe and Jussi-Adler Olsen in London sometime soon.

  4. oh, I see it’s the 3rd – that’s a shame as I can’t make it then, was hoping it was the 2nd… 😦
    Please note your post still says 2 February in the black text a few lines down.

    Hope to make a future event as I love Wallander and the like.

  5. I was just going to ask the same question – which date is it please?

  6. Simon Clarke

    According to my ticket the event is on 3/2/11 NOT
    as you state 2//2/11/ Which date is correct?

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