This is the first newsletter we are sending out in preparation for the Nordic Noir Book Club meetings that will take place from February to May 2011. In this first newsletter we hope to give you an idea about what this Book Club is all about; what we are planning to do; and to give you some news about Scandinavian Crime fiction in the UK

1. Nordic Noir website and blog
You will probably already have found the Book Club’s website: We are currently working on creating a Blog for the events, which will take the place of the website and the mailing list. A blog is a much better tool, which would allow us all to share our knowledge about and interests in Scandinavian Crime fiction. It will also allow those of you who will join us for the meetings to give us suggestions for what we should discuss. We will send you another mail when the blog is up and running.

2. Planning the Book Club
In the UCL Department of Scandinavian Studies we have formed an organising committee including staff, Research Students and Fellows, who are responsible for shaping the events. We have teams working on Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Danish events, and we are currently in the process of inviting interesting authors, who will come and visit us at interesting venues in London. We hope to be able to tell you very soon who some of these authors will be. We also want to learn more about your interest in Scandinavian Crime Fiction; how crime fiction has shaped and influenced your understanding of contemporary Nordic societies; why certain crime novels are particularly appealing to you; and generally your impressions of how Scandinavian crime fiction works in translation and across borders. When our blog is up and running, we will be looking forward to learning more about your insights – they will also help shape the organisation and content of our meetings.

3. Crime news
In September, Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen was interviewed by the BBC for a one-hour documentary on Scandinavian Crime Fiction. The documentary will be aired on BBC4 sometime in December or January with the title:
Nordic Noir – The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction. The first part of thetitle they got from our Book Club, which is great. This looks like a promising documentary featuring interviews with authors such as Mankell, Nesser, Nesbø and Fossum recorded in the Nordic countries.

We have recently found a couple of US radio shows where Scandinavian Crime Fiction is discussed:
Listen to a National Public Radio show where they are talking about the Stieg Larsson phenomenon by clicking on the link at Another public radio program, To the Best of Our Knowledge, also did a recent program on Scandinavian crime fiction. Check it out at

For those of you who like to think more about Scandinavian Crime: In January an anthology entitled Scandinavian Crime Fiction will be published by University of Wales Press edited by Andrew Nestingen and Paula Arvas in the series European Crime Fiction.

If you have thoughts you wish to share please write to Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (

Best Wishes,
The Nordic Noir Book Club


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